Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

So, Christmas Day 2010 is almost completely over. This year was very different for me. I was away from my family for the holidays for the second time. (The first time was 3 years ago. I was in boarding school. I had no choice.) This year, I technically didn’t have a choice either. I would have gone home, but for the lack of money; that was unfortunately not able to happen. So, I spent the whole day with Janelle (my twin sister) in our new apartment in California. I don’t mind, because I adore her dearly. We lounged all day, cooked dinner, and just relaxed in our pajamas. Because that’s acceptable on Christmas, right?

We were planning on going to the movie theatre to see Tron: Legacy. But, we were both not feeling the greatest. So it is postponed to another day. That’s alright! I am just glad that I got to spend it with my sister & I wasn’t alone.

I have gotten so much this month than I ever could have imagined or asked for. I feel so lucky & blessed to have family and friends that love me unconditionally no matter what. I hope you all had a magical & blessed Christmas!