Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm going HOME! :D

Hello. To anyone that reads this :DD

Guess what!!!! I'm going home tomorrow morning..Well, technically this morning!

I am sooooooooo HAPPY you have no idea! So, if you don't know..I moved away from California a little over a month ago. So, I haven't seen my family since then, I're probably thinking "Why the hell is this girl going home already?!".

Well, I have Dr.'s appointments. I suffer from migraines, and they have been pretty bad. So, I am going to my neurologist to check up on my medicines & possibly get on new medicine.

We fly out at 12 =D I am so anxious..I can't sleep! haha.

ANYWAYS, I am so happy! I hope you all have fab fab fabulous weeks, this week! Love you all <3

- Danelle

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