Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions?

Happy New Year Babes! So, Janelle and I just went to Universal City Walk to bring in the New Year. We had soo much fun. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in my room on my bed.. So, I don't have any pictures. From the night. But, I do have pictures that I am going to post of our outfit/makeup & us just having fun. I will post those as soon as possible. I am trying to figure out which ones I like the most & the ones we want you all to see ;D.

So, I made a list of goals and resolutions that I have for 2011. But
, I thought about it. And, whenever I make "New Year Resolutions" I never accomplish them. So, I will just call this list my goals. I am not going to stress out about this list. These are just things I would love to see happen in my life in 2011.

I seriously cannot believe that it is 2011 already. It feels like this year went by so fast. I didn't accomplish everything that I
would have liked to accomplish in 2010. So, this year will be my year a chance to reach the goals that I dearly want to meet.

I hope you ALL had a safe, fun, and just amazing New Year's Eve & day. Below will be my 2011 goals:

  • Get a job and save up enough money to be able to stay and live in California.
  • Give my dad at least $300 for everything he has done/bought me to make it possible for me to live here and have the things that I do have.
  • Become open to love & put myself out there more than I do now.
  • Eat healthier & Exercise; live a healthier lifestyle in general.
  • Do Wii Fit workouts regularly: or some form of exercise.
  • Start and finish writing a story. (I always start, but never finish them.)
  • Take care of my hair; deep conditioning my hair, washing it regularly, and protecting it from heat as much as possible.
  • Deeply consider going natural for a while. Not forever. (No relaxers, perms, etc.)
  • Be more cautious about my spending & save more money every month.
  • Give back in any way shape or form at least once this year.
  • Figure out how I truly feel about my religion. And discover what religious category I am comfortable with saying I fit in with. (Whether it is: Agnostic, Christian, Atheist, etc.)
  • Wear red lipstick outside of my home.
  • Start and finish the “365 Project”.
  • Discover what it is that I want to do in my life; as a profession.
  • Enroll in some type of schooling.
  • Continue to do what makes me happy & keep following my heart.
  • Learn to cook different types of food & experience new foods from different cultures.
  • Put myself out there to make new friends and meet new people. And let my guard down as much as possible.
  • Wear a bathing suit outside of closed doors. Preferably at the beach.
  • Wear my hair. No weave or extensions for at least a week.
  • Travel; go on a road trip.
  • Get my first tattoo. Stop talking myself out of it, like I do every time.
  • Learn to appreciate the people in my life. Be more patient & understanding with them.
  • Try not to stress myself out about money.
  • Learn to love myself without any makeup on. (Currently, I will not leave the house without makeup on.)
  • Take a hike; explore the outdoors.
  • Dye my hair red. (I have always wanted to. I just never have, because I’m not sure how I will like it.)
P.S. Tell me some of your New Year resolutions/goals. I would love to hear them :) P.S.S. I started a 365 day challenge. I thought this would be the best way for you all to get to know me & it is a perfect thing to see if I can accomplish this year. Below will be my day #1. I hope you all have a fabulous day & New Year! Much Love . <3

Hopes and dreams: I have plenty. My dream is to own a cute little boutique with my sister. And, I hope one day my family will be extremely happy & won't have a care in the world.

Plans: Just being happy and living life. I plan to also get a job (for a little extra shopping money ;)

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